Neutrogena Make-Up Remover

Hello Beauties,

Today I am sharing something important which is very beneficial for our skin. YES! I am talking about removing make-up.

Have you ever thought what happen if you don’t remove makeup at night?

It can lead to clogged pores in the skin and cause blackheads, pimples, premature aging, dry skin, it might cause eye irritation and infection. Leaving mascara on eye lashes can causes thin lashes.

There is a good saying- “Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.”

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Wipes:

Well! I have been using this from a long time because it really melts off all the makeup.


These oil-free facial wipes are infused with a light, refreshing cleansing lotion that effectively removes all types of makeup on face and eyes, even waterproof mascara, without leaving any greasy residue or after feel. The best thing about them, they are oil-free so people with oily skin or combination skin can also use them.
Since, they don’t leave any oily residue so there is no need to rinse. They do not clog pores and your skin can breathe, feel fresh and clean.
There are lot of people who are very lazy when it comes to removing makeup after a long tiring day.
So this is very good for them. I usually wear contact lenses and I must say that these wipes are very gentle enough to use around sensitive eye areas also.
In one pack you will get 25 ultra-soft pre moistened wipes.

Neutrogena Invigorating Creamy Wash:

This invigorating creamy wash melts into a creamy texture to gently and effectively remove impurities and makeup. It purifies without over-dying, for the skin that is left soft, refreshed and looking beautifully clean.

Directions for use: Wet your face and apply creamy wash by messaging gently. Then rinse it off thoroughly.
You can easily get at any of the Supermarkets.

Detangling Brush

I am pretty sure that you might have heard of the Detangling Brush. If you have not, then where have you been?? Today, I am talking about “DESSATA”. One of the best detangling hair brush in the World.
These brushes are for detangling hairs easily without breaking or pulling it. I am using it from past 6 months and trust me you will love it. It’s great when you want to detangle your wet hairs.

I have read somewhere online that these are particularly made for people who have colour damage or sin hairs.
They are available in many colors. For more details contact @britishbeautybrands on Instagram.

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