Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Energising Daily Facial Scrub

I have tried a lot of products from Clean & Clear and I loved them a lot but their daily facial scrub is life to my skin.

Clean & Clear Facial Scrub


Clean & Clear packaging is really bright and vibrant. This scrub comes in a ombre orange inverted tube with a flip cap. It looks attractive and girly, and can be carried around.

Clean & Clear Facial Scrub

Product Description:

Clean & Clear Morning Skin Energising Facial Scrub for beautiful looking and refreshed skin. It is a gentle exfoliating daily facial scrub formulated with tangerine extract. The formula easily removes dirt, oil, impurities, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated for the day ahead.

It’s refreshing citrus fragrance will awaken your senses. It is gentle enough to be used everyday.

My Experience:

I always look out for the scrubs I can use daily as they clean the skin in a much better way than facial cleansers. The scrub comes in a gel formula which has transparent small yellow and big orange bursting beads. The scrub has amazing juicy orange fragrance which will make you instantly feel fresh in the morning. The consistency is a little bit runny and due to its inverted flip cap the moment opened the cap it started dipping off, so I have to be careful while using it. The bursting beads are good enough to clear the skin. I also noticed that my white heads has reduced. My face instantly felt bright and fair due to the pressence of Vitamin C in it.

Clean & Clear Facial Scrub

Clean & Clear Facial Scrub

Directions to use:

Apply to wet face and massage gently all over face avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly.


AED 30.00 for 150ml

Rating: 9/10

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