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We all know the first beauty step for skin care is to have a clear skin 🙂 and for that cleansing is very important. In my December Glambox I have received a 50ml bottle of the Orlane Vivifying Cleansing Care and it lasted for weeks. I loved it completely. Today, I am going to share my reviews about the product.

ORLANE Vivifying Cleansing Care

Orlane Vivifying Cleansing Care

Packaging :

Orlane Cleansing care comes in a plastic bottle which is not transparent but still you can see the product from the bottle. You can see and understand how long it is going to last you or how much is left in the bottle. Uncapping is very easy, as it has plastic screw cap. The bottle is lightweight and leakage free and surely a great one to travel around with.

Product Details:

Orlane Vivifying Cleansing Care completely clear the skin and gently eliminate all the impurities, leaving the skin soft,supple and fresh. It is rich in natural oils like sunflower oil, sesame oil, mineral oil etc. Orlane Cleansing Care dissolves make-up and regulates skin moisturization. It is a milky cleanser that does not foam up and has a floral perfumery kind of smell which is not too strong. The best thing is, it does not leave any residue indeed my face feel a bit moisture without making it dry or tight.

Orlane Vivifying Cleansing Care


Apply on to the face and neck gently in circular motions. Remove with a cotton pad or rinse with water.

Price: AED 166.00 for 250ml

Point of Sale: You can order Online from JadoPado or Desert Cart.

Rating: 10/10

Highly recommended for dry skin.

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